Video from Vegtoria!

Vegtoria was an exciting day with so much to see and do. We wanted to make sure that the spirit of the day was caught on video for us to continue to share until next years event. Also, people who weren’t able to attend the event are now able to see these powerful talks at their leisure.

We want to give a sincerely heartfelt thanks to our volunteer videographer Holly Cecil for her incredible investment of time filming, editing, and subtitling all these videos herself. Her dedication to accessibility of media and art is admirable. Also thank you to Siena Cecil for her work on audio and still photography used in the videos.

James Aspey

Hundreds of people joined us at Vegtoria to see James Aspey speak about why veganism is so important for animals, our health, and the environment.You can watch video of both his complete presentation or  a shorter clip where he talks about dairy from the event.
You can learn more about James Aspey and his inspirational talks here:


Anna Pippus

Anna Pippus is an animal rights lawyer and strategist, serving as director of farmed animal advocacy for Animal Justice and strategic advisor for We Animals. She frequently speaks and writes about animal rights issues in mainstream media, universities, bar associations, governmental committees and meetings, and community events. Anna is a mother of two, enthusiastic plant-based cook, and practicing optimist.
You can learn more about Anna’s work here: