Vegtoria Sponsors 2019!

Vegtoria’s sponsors are the superstars of the community! Being foundational in making sure the event has the resources and support necessary to make it a huge success. Their generosity is second to none and is the cornerstone that the community is built upon. Thank you!

Vegtoria Vendors!

We are incredibly excited to have such a diverse group of vendors participating in Vegtoria. They provide goods and services that are essential to the community when people seek compassionate, cruelty-free products that consider the well-being of non-human animals as well as our own. We can’t wait for you to be able to meet both familiar and new faces at Vegtoria vendor tables and discover a world of animal friendly options from Victoria and abroad.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organization are the cornerstone of the animal advocacy community. Many of these organizations are on the front lines everyday changing minds and educating people about how we live and treat non-human animals. Their work is essential to representing the interests of other animals and raising their perceived value as important members of our society.


Want to join the fun?

Are you a vegan business, non-profit, creative type, performer, or speaker that would like to be a part of Vegtoria? 
Tell us a bit about who you are and we’ll send you the details about becoming a part of Vegtoria! 
Thank you for your time and interest in joining this community driven event.