Vegtoria 2019 Speakers!

Headline Speaker

Amy Sorrano

Amy Soranno

Amy Soranno is a passionate animal rights activist & vegan advocate. Amy has dedicated her life to fighting for total animal liberation. She focuses on investigating animal agriculture, conducting open rescues, organizing and participating in protests, outreach, as well as engaging in mass farm and slaughterhouse lockdowns. As a result of the recent ‘Meat the Victims’ event in Abbotsford B.C., she is facing charges for unlawfully entering a facility to document the realities of animal farming. This was a precedent-setting action that was the first of its kind in Canada. Amy believes these kinds of non-violent direct actions are vital in propelling the animal liberation movement forward and creating real change. Amy Soranno has been featured in many news publications, including The Intercept, CBC Radio, and many more. She is the organizer of ‘Okanagan Animal Save’ and is always creating unique ways of advocating for the animals and inspiring other vegans to get active.

Zero-Waste Vegan Workshop 

Learn how the clothing industry, animal agriculture, and plastic are destroying the planet + adopt simple lifestyle changes to avoid these industries/products. 

Learn how to make your own zero-waste vegan oat milk & toothpaste (BYO jars for samples)!


Tosha Lobsinger

by Tosha Lobsinger 

Lucie Cerny of RASTA Sanctuary

Lucie Cerny

Lucie is the founded of RASTA (Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals) that is located in Chemainus on Vancouver Island, BC.

Named after her beloved late dog, RASTA is a registered charity devoted to animal rescue and protection through public education.

RASTA offers a unique one of a kind interactive experience to the public by hosting guided tours to visit the many different types of rescued animals at the Sanctuary.  In doing so, it is RASTA’s mission to inspire compassion for all animals with no distinction between breeds or species.

Lucie will be presenting on the topic of the growing number of people and organizations who are buying animals to rescue them and why this can be considered problematic.

Don’t miss her informative presentation!

Gillian Walters

MummyMOO is the photography blog of artist, author, and intersectional vegan activist Gillian Meghan Walters. Gillian’s first love besides animals was her camera, given to her on her tenth birthday. She has carried a camera by her side since, documenting her life journey. At fifty she is reconnecting with these two loves through a blog that she hopes will connect, educate and inspire.  
"As an animal lover and ethical feminist vegan I feel a deep connection to animals in all areas of exploitation. As a woman and a mother I feel deeply and emotionally connected to the systematic oppression of cows in the dairy industry."
Learn more about Gillian's journey and about the truth of the dairy industry in her important presentation!
Gillian Walters

Vegtoria 2018 Speakers!

nicole gagnon

Nicole Gagnon

king zoom

King Zoom The Vegan Kid

Earthling Ed

Vegtoria 2017 Speakers!

James Aspey

James Aspey

Anna Pippus

Anna Pippus

Animal Justice

Heather Pace

Heather Pace

Sweetly Raw